Barkboard™ Rustic Chalkboard

$ 36.00

A uniquely all natural chalkboard, cut, sanded, and painted in the US. This rustic chalkboard makes a great piece of art for the wall no matter what you write on it!

  • Small - 6x9*
  • Original - 8x10*
  • XL - 11x14*
  • Listboard (striped) - 8x10*

Each piece is a slightly different shape and size and may vary by an inch in either direction, depending on the cut. Shapes can be oval or more rounded but are chosen at random. If you have a preference please leave a note during checkout and I'll do my best to find one as close as possible. And if you'd like the Listboard in another size, please get in touch for a custom order.

Hanging hardware allows for portrait or landscape orientation.

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For the perpetually organized list maker with a love of clean and classy design, or for the writer who shakes nervously when presented with blank space and nothing to guide your wonderfully creative words. Lines are spaced an inch apart in alternating stripes of black and gray for a subtle look. Just enough contrast to be clear when up close to write, but not obvious from afar.

Listboards are MADE TO ORDER. Please allow an extra 3-5 business days to have this lovely ready to ship. 

CARE: Please use only dry chalk on these hand-crafted boards. Chalk pens will NOT come off. Erase with a standard chalk eraser or other dry cloth. Do not use a paper towel or tissue as fibers will stick to the wood. Clean periodically (and gently) with a damp cloth to remove old chalk residue. 

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