Luxe Linen Face Mask - w/Nose Wire (Medium)

$ 12.00

In addition to the free-with-purchase Simple Pleated Face Mask, I've decided to make my personal linen mask available as well. 

After an asthma attack in a store early in the pandemic, I realized I really needed to have something better than what I had in various masks I had bought online at that time and linen is a wonderfully breathable fabric.

I also wear glasses (or I'm supposed to!) so I've added nose wire to this version.

These will be made as I have time, after the cotton masks get to the people who need them most, so stock may be limited at times. Please let me know if I run out and you need one, I'll make more! 


  • Medium Size 8.5" x 6" 
  • Pre-shrunk fabric will hold it's size after washing (washed with Nellie's from Sixth + Zero)
  • Nose wire sewn in (it will bend when washed but won't move)
  • 100% linen is natural and breathable
  • Coordinating elastic
  • Double top-stitching is an extra polished finish

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly, as is the nature with handmade items. 

This mask is of course, does not offer medical grade protection and is not marketed as such. This is very basic minimal protection as recommended by the CDC. Please continue social distancing. 

More information (PDF)

Instructions for how to make this mask yourself (PDF) -

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