Plaid Pleated Face Mask (Large)

$ 10.00

This is our men's size pleated face mask. The pleated style allows for the most universal fit no matter your face shape, but to be sure, measure yourself, ear to ear and nose to chin to make sure this will fit. 

You'll want the width to fit approximately at your cheekbones, and the height should land just about at the bridge of your nose and the underside of your chin. 

Fabric designs will be a black and white plaid as pictured or another dark neutral solid color, chosen at random from whatever we have on hand, to keep costs low. If you'd like something specific, please leave a note at checkout, but know what we can't promise it will be available. 

Large 8.5"wide x 7"high

Care Instructions

  • No bleach
  • Machine wash
  • Machine Dry
  • Iron hot to regain shape

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly, as is the nature with handmade items. 

This mask is of course, does not offer medical grade protection and is not marketed as such. This is very basic minimal protection as recommended by the CDC. Please continue social distancing. 

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