Olive Manna is a lifestyle and design brand known for high quality handmade products. Textiles and paper goods range from handmade ribbons and gift tags to prints and chalkboards for the home, as well as luxury knit accessories.

Experienced Design

Natalie has been a student of design since the '90s and has studied knit and crochet from childhood. Every design, whether a paper product, a scarf, or a piece of art, has been meticulously planned, first on paper, then in prototype, and then put to use. Every step of the process is examined for quality and longevity, beauty and usefulness. Natalie's design style is traditional and minimalist, keeping to a clean and classic aesthetic.

Quality Handmade

Every piece is made by hand, from start to finish, in a clean environment. There are no pets, nor smoke, nor other hazards, just a safe happy work space. Every item is crafted from the highest quality materials available, and made with great attention to detail. Although you should expect very slight irregularities as part of the nature of handmade, every effort is made to keep imperfections to a minimum. 

About the name...

The olive tree is a biblical symbol of patient labor, strength, and longevity. It is a reminder that truly beautiful things take time and care. Manna, also called "the bread of heaven" symbolizes God's provision. It reminds us that our hard work, though it may cultivate a great number of olive trees, is all for nothing without first relying on God to provide the water, the sun, the soil, and the "manna" we need to survive from one day to the next.

As well as the biblical significance, the words also happen to fit nicely with the Jost girls' names: Olivia (Olive), Emma (M for short) and Audrey Anna (Anna).

In an effort to live up to the name, we donate a portion of sales to Samaritan's Purse who work to rebuild communities from natural storms, political dangers and religious persecution around the world.

Natalie Jost, Owner/Designer

See more of Natalie personally at nataliejost.com, including the blog and historical portfolio of work.