COVID-19 Notice

Olive Manna is a small family business, and though we have always kept things clean and orderly, it's time to specify a couple of things in light of this world pandemic. 

We're taking a few extra steps in sanitizing things in the office, and we've moved all inventory to an off-site location. Only one person touches product once it's in the warehouse, so inventory is completely isolated from human contact until right before it's picked and packed for shipment. 

We also take very seriously the wearing of face coverings anytime we're in close contact with other people or items we're handling that will come in contact with other people. For our immune-compromised friends, and for elderly family, this is something we'll be doing for a long time. 

We continue to be committed to your safety. As before, if there are any symptoms of a cold, flu, or any other disease that could be transmitted to you, we'll shut down business until any illness has passed. No making, no shipping, though the website stays open and communication via email is always available. 

Changes we've made to this protocol now include a longer time frame for a shutdown. Should anyone in our house or with whom we've had contact show any sign of illness, we will shut down making and shipping until at least 10 days after symptoms are gone or we've had that long to self-quarantine/self-isolate. 

We will communicate this as best as we can, including either an email to let you know of a delay, or possibly cancelling your order if it looks like we won't be able to get it to you in a reasonable amount of time. 

Please stay safe and let me know how we can help. 

Natalie Jost