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Will it still fit in the sleeve if I use a hard cover or case?
  • Most likely, yes, if we're talking about a smart cover (thin), it will stretch plenty to fit that... but if you have a bulky hard case like something by Otterbox, you may need a slightly bigger custom piece. Send dimensions and we'll design you one!

What if I drop it or it gets wet? 

  • It will probably break! Seriously, though, the Sweater is not a protective case. It has been carefully designed to protect from everyday jostling around in a tote or purse, from keys, pens, and other neighboring things that can do harm, but can't save you from big dangers. In other words, your human sweater will protect you from minor scrapes, a light wet breeze, but won't do you much good when someone drops you, or pours water on you. :)

Can I get it in another color or design?

  • Of course! That's the beauty of handmade. You can commission bespoke pieces anytime. Send an email with your specs and the designer will work with you to get something really special. Please understand that the prices reflected here are based on pieces already designed and stocked. New custom pieces will naturally cost a bit more.

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