Coffee Sweaters, Gift Pack

$ 30.00

Coffee sweaters make great gifts! Order them in bulk and you're ready with a small token for all your coffee-loving friends.

Pack of 3 in Assorted Styles: Browse and Choose - Leave a note during checkout with your preferred colors and styles.

Designed for the Starbucks personal cup, this is a totally unique handmade sweater for your coffee. It fits most every take-out coffee cup, from McDonald's to Starbucks, Tall to Venti, and even our local coffee bar. You can also use one at home with a drinking glass when mugs are in the dishwasher.

Get a taste of an heirloom sweater without the high cost of bespoke knitwear.

It not only protects your hands from the heat, but it KEEPS THE HEAT by adding a bit more insulation to your cup. Also for COLD DRINKS! Keep your fingers from icing over and protect your palms from condensation when you have a smoothie or iced coffee.


Each one is hand-knit using luxurious yarns, kettle-dyed in Uruguay. This yarn is eco-conscious as well. The kettles are heated using the power of the sun, using as little water and chemicals as possible. The wool is produced by uruguayan family farms with free-range sheep and old-school shepherds. It is one of the softest types of wool in the world, no longer that itchy wool our predecessors used.


With everyday use, you WILL get coffee on your sweater occasionally. To wash it, simply run it under cool water and let it air dry on a paper towel. If it stretches out over time, as all knitwear does, run the tap with hot water instead and the fibers will felt up slightly each time, and it will shrink back to its original shape. If water isn't doing the job because you didn't catch the spill right away, not to worry, you can use a little dish soap and it should come out. Just keep in mind that if you scrub the fibers, they are more likely to felt. Over time, you'll see a beautifully worn look come to your sweater.


Taking care, your coffee sweater will last for decades, but should you have any issues, please get in touch. If there's a problem, we want to know! If it turns out to be a flaw in the design or the making of the sweater, we'll send you a free replacement.


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